World Time API

Privacy Policy

The Plain-Language Privacy Policy of WorldTimeAPI.

We do not...

WorldTimeAPI is a simple service, and there is no requirement for us to persist any information about our visitors. Therefore:

We do not use Google Analytics or any other browser-based tracking service.

We do...

We do log a small amount of information about the requests made to the service. This information includes the date and time of requests, the IP the request came from, and it's location. Some of this information is temporary; for example we keep the IP of the request only for a few minutes so we can guard against attacks from malicious agents.

We also store details about system errors so they can be investigated and rectified.

Any information we do store long-term is purely to allow us plan for future enhancements to the system, and there is no identifying information, pseudo or otherwise.

We do not...

We do not share the information we do log with 3rd parties.

Any information collected by our hosting platform is outside our control.

Further information

If you feel this policy needs to be clarified in any way, please feel free to contact us at